Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Color Trend 2013: Emerald Green

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Many people say 'Green is the color of life'. That this color is now trend color of the year 2013 is due to the American company Pantone. Pantone is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems. With Emerald Green they started a new color trend. Besides the wallpaper industry and car manufacturers now the fashion industry has jumped on this color trend as well.

Fashion designers discover emerald green
Designers like Nanette Lepore and Tracy Reese are devoting their spring collections in this warm hue. The color that stands for renewal and rejuvenation has thus arrived in the fashion world. Without being intrusive, a color tone is celebrated that sets elegant accents.It flatters the eyes instead of being just blinding bright and harsh. Thus it appears that the green future started especially this year with respect to the fashion. Color researchers go so far that they certify Emerald Green a calming effect. This year our urban environment will come along particularly harmonious and balanced by this Green. In times of crisis, there is a beautiful vision that takes hold of the fashion of the Green itself.

The catwalks become a green fashion meadow
Fashion designers such as Zac Posen have presented their first ankle-length emerald collection to the public. Gucci also participates in this color trend. Heidi Klum was also seen in a satin dress in this shade. The actor Robert Pattinson has even worn a solid color suit with confidence at one of his performances. But the absolute hit is Emerald Green sneakers and handbags.

A color that can be combined
If you have green or brown eyes or contact lenses should not be afraid of this color tone. With the right make-up your eyes will seem deeper and more interesting. Emerald green can be combined well with the colors rose, ruby red, pink and peach. So Ladies, don't hesitate and get your Emerald Green collection today !


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